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Anti Aging Skin Care

We have a wide selection of nature based anti aging skin care products that are both gentle and effective. Our full line of products include an exfoliating yet gentle Glycolic Acid toner that is made with calming rose water, a highly concentrated Vitamin C serum made with the most stable and absorbant form of Vitamin C available, an anti aging Eye Cream made with soy and rice peptides for smoothing and lightening. Products also include moisturizing antioxidant facial masks, vitamin packed serums and exfoliating treatment that promote cell renewal.




Acne treatment skin care.

Howard Soap Company has many effective options for naturally treating inflamed acne and acne scars. Products include our anti inflammatory Rose Cream which is unscented and made in a base of rose water with rose and rose geranium essential oils, our popular Exfoliating Face Wash which is a gentle cleanser with ground apricot seed and skin brightening essential oils and herbal botanicals, our astringent and calming Neroli and Rose facial toner, and our best selling Botanical Facial Oil, made with multiple skin clearing, toning and brightening oils.

Check out our new Willow Bark Spot Treatment!



Antioxidant and preventive skin care for normal and combination skin.

Maintain and achieve your best skin with our favorite facial products. Treat yourself with botanical facial masks, gentle face cleaners, non greasy light moisturizers and antioxidant packed treatments. You can shop our basic skin care trio which includes the best selling Exfoliating Face Wash, Neroli and Rose Facial Toner and the 1/2 oz Botanical Facial Oil and a discounted bundle price!

Check out our new Sea Clay and Cucumber moisturizing detox mask as well as our new Melting Eye Makeup Remover and Makeup Melting Oil Cleanser!