Witches Brew // Autumn Magik Collection


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A number one autumn best seller!

Witches Brew is a mysterious and spellbinding blend of cedarwood, deep patchouli, cinnamon and vetiver. Reminscent of a dark autumn night.

Contains essential oils.
Great scent throw and a clean burn.
Approximate burn time 55-70 hours.


Also available in a 16 oz jar.

All candles are handpoured in truly small batches with care using 100% soy wax (zero paraffin), cotton wick, always phthalate free high quality fragrance and cotton wick.

For best burning results be sure to melt wax to the edge of the candle with every burn to prevent tunneling. Also keep away from drafts to ensure even melting. For clean burning trim any mushrooming at the top of the wick making sure not to trim too short.

Made In Minnesota.