Glass vial with cork stopper holds enough product for 4-6 facials. All have coconut milk to ensure pore detox with out drying out your skin.
To use make paste with 1t mask and 1/4t water. For best results add 2-3 drops of Botanical Facial Oil. Apply to face, allow to to dry 20 min and rinse. Follow with Face Tonic and Botanical Facial Oil.

Brightening Mask
Ingredients: kaolin clay, dehydrated coconut milk, ascorbic acid (vitamin c), pineapple extract, and orange essential oil.
| Vitamin c helps boost collagen for and anti aging effect. Also helps to even skin tone. Aids in cell turnover.
| Pineapple Extract is highly exfoliating.
| Kaolin clay gently cleans pores.
| Coconut Milk adds moisture and suppleness to skin.

Detox Mask
Ingredients: bentonite clay, coconut milk, willow bark extract, thyme extract and lemongrass essential oils.
| Bentonite clay is known for it its toxin-extracting qualities.
| Coconut Milk adds moisture and suppleness to skin.
| Thyme extract is antiviral and antibacterial.
| Willow Bark Extract is natures salicylic acid, exfoliating and anti microbial.

Rose Clay + Coconut
Ingredients: French rose clay, coconut milk,chrysanthemum extract, carrot seed oil, and lavender essential oil.
| Rose Clay offers gentle detoxification.
| Coconut milk adds moisture and suppleness to skin.
| Crysanthemum extract is known for its soothing qualities.
| Carrot Seed Oil is a multi benefiting oil for the health and vitality of you skin. Adds a healthy glow and is packed with skin loving nutrients.

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